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Celestial Current for Aug 19 - 25th

This week we have Mars, Venus, and the Sun entering the sign of Virgo, where we enter our personal Hermit seasons (Virgo traditionally rules the Hermit card in the tarot), and this of course does not mean we are meant to be alone or seek solitude. Rather, we are meant to hone in on developing and perfecting ourselves. Many of us go back to school during this time of year, building upon and deepening our knowledge base in order to be "useful" to ourselves and the world.

Aug 19 Juno conjunct Venus in Leo sextiling Pallas Athene in Libra
The combination of Juno and Venus emphasizes shared values around romance and aesthetic qualities in relationships. If we live with our partner we might be looking at re-arranging the house, redecorating the shared environment to fit the evolving people you are now as opposed to 5 years ago. What's beautiful about the sextile to Pallas in Libra is that there is an urge to create something harmonious, that reflects both you as individuals and …

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