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Celestial Current for Sept 2 - Sept 8

Soooo much Neptune energy is happening throughout the month as the personal planets will be making oppositions to this watery planet! What does it mean? Let's find out!

Neptune transits are exactly what one might expect when you dive under a wave while surfing. The sunlight is filtered through the water and you experience the illusionary depths. Your senses are momentarily suspended. We tend to be submerged in alternative realities, like the surfer, who ducks under the wave and crests back out onto the surface of the water where the "real world" is, where the Sun brings illumination and clarity. It's liminal, and it's transits pull us into this fantasy realm while we're still trying to remain grounded in the real world.
Robert Hand writes about Neptune transits, "Everything that man dreams of making come true as well as everything that man thinks is true, even though it isn't, comes under the influence of Neptune." (Planets in Transit: Life Cyc…

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