Celestial Current for July 15 - 21st

We are so close, almost through the portal or the bookend of eclipse season. As we are reaching culmination with the full moon lunar eclipse at 24° Capricorn with Pluto only 3° away, we will find some sense of renewal and resurrection, but first comes the intensity that is building up before the release. I've noticed that many people this weekend are feeling incredibly anxious, having more panic attacks then usual, and are so in their heads that most can't seem to move forward in everydayness without crumbling. It's clear that this Mercury retrograde is not creating stable ground for many, and so what may be needed right now is a re-establishing of your roots and stabilizing your foundation in your body. Root chakra work.

Drink root herbs to literally pull yourself out of your mind and back into your body. What helps me re-establish my strong foundation is reishi or chaga mushroom, licorice root, kava kava, angelica root, or damiana.

If you are feeling like anxiety and nerves are creating chaos that hasn't even happened yet, try working with blue vervain, oatstraw, milky oat tops, lemon balm, catnip, or passionflower.

Crystals that have been showing up in sessions this week are aquamarine, lepidolite, smoky quartz, and ammonite or fossil.

This week the earth medicine for the lunar eclipse in Capricorn (during Mercury retrograde!) seems to be Passionflower (pictured above) and Aquamarine as I've had to recommend it to most clients and even use it myself.

Tuesday July 16th Lunar Eclipse at 24° Capricorn, conjunct Pluto will be intense as (in my opinion) they are a little more emotionally intense then solar eclipses. Eclipses are portals to destiny, awakening, and release. Like a cosmic tub drain, let it release what w a n t s to wash away from you, what you don't need to carry. It's only rough when we are placing a lot of extra identity and attachment to these things, people, situations. See where 24° Capricorn falls in your chart or if you have any natal planets at 24° in any cardinal sign (Cancer, Libra, or Aries). If it's conjunct an angle (AC, IC, DC, or MC) it will most likely be felt intensely as well. But Capricorn is systemic restructuring, so it may be opening you up to where you rebuild your strength (which is why the root chakra keep coming up for people), take a look at your foundations for a more sustainable future, or midwife you into releasing where you've been too rigid and blocked in your physical body, emotions, mind and perspective, or even spiritual beliefs.

Wednesday July 17th Venus opposite Saturn is not a day to go to the store and splurge on crystals to spiritually bypass the effects of the eclipse. We need to do actual work and step into mastering the physical plane. On this day we may have a hard time communicating our pleasures and desires to others, whether it’s out of fear of judgment, obligation, rejection. Don’t pretend to have emotions you don’t actually feel today, because others will pick up on your bullshit and inauthenticity. If you’re trying to make a connection today, it’s not going to be emotionally received. Duties may prevent you from indulging in pleasure, or if you neglect your work for fun you’ll find that something will prevent you from enjoying yourself. So today is a day of not avoiding work, but seeing if you can balance and hold space for both work and play. Getting all your receipts together for your taxes and then eating chocolate, or listening to your favorite music while digging a hole in the backyard.

Thursday July 18th Venus trine Neptune is much lazier energy then yesterday. Yesterday was hard to avoid work, but today makes it easy to avoid work. If you are involved in creative work that needs to be figured out before becoming physical (i.e. conceptualizing), today is super constructive as your creative capacities are heightened. If you are working with people, this day is highly empathetic and compassionate.

Friday July 19th Mercury Retrograde re-enters Cancer won't be too tumultuous unless you have a natal planet or angle at 29° of Libra, Cancer, Aries, or Capricorn.

Sunday July 21st Venus opposite Pluto, Sun conjunct Mercury rx
is on the last day of Cancer season, and we go out on a doozy. Venus opposite Pluto seeks deep feelings and desires experiences that take you out of the ordinary, like peak experiences with a partner that creates a more potent connection between you two. But does your partner want this? Why do you want this? This is a day of subconscious impulses driving us a little more and so it’s super important to remain present and aware of yourself. So have that conversation around certain resentments, tensions, or compulsions in a constructive way in order to help evolve and grow the relationship. Deal with tensions holistically, because if you’re choosing to not look at and heal the root cause of your own resentments, you’re choosing to continue not being present and honoring yourself and your partner.

With the Sun conjunct Mercury, be an active listener today or initiate the conversation. This will be SO important in constructively accessing the positive potential of Venus opposite Pluto. This will allow you to not only easily access your thoughts and find the right words to translate your emotions, you’ll be able to examine yourself and announce your intentions, while making room for understanding and honoring others. It may be easy for some to only process ourselves in a transit like this, so remain centered in the conversation and create a healthy space for hearing and honoring what the other person is expressing.

What an intense week! Stay chill my bb's, and if you are finding it difficult to get by feel free to reach out and book a healing session, natal chart, or tarot reading with me here

Lunar blessings,


  1. Ok, but my Sun IS at 29 degrees Libra - what should I expect for that Mercury retrograde re-entering Cancer?

    1. Generally speaking it will most likely be a return to what you were moving through mentally during the week of June 25th. But check to see what house your natal Sun at 29 Libra is in to see what area of life will also be activated. When the Sun is involved it will have to do with reviewing how are you "being seen," your identity, and ego. Without knowing what your chart looks like I won't be able to tell you what else specifically is happening for you. But be open to seeing everything as a lesson right now as well as taking the time to double check everything. <3


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