Celestial Current for July 1 - 7th 2019

Welcome to my very first blog post! This week, we're entering the high summer season with the sign of Cancer and the space that is holding and care taking us during eclipse season. Here's what to expect starting tomorrow, Monday July 1 until Sunday July 7.

July 2 Mars enters Leo, and New Moon Solar Eclipse at 10° of Cancer. Look to see which house 10° of Cancer falls in your chart to see which area of life will be activated for you. This eclipse is being opposed by Saturn and Pluto on the South Node of Capricorn. The only other aspect happening with this eclipse is relatively positive, as we receive a sextile from Uranus in the earthly yin sign of Taurus. Expect to see the topics of care taking and nurturing our earth, reproductive rights, and children's advocacy for the concentration camps happening at our US border right now on the world stage. This push from Uranus is causing us to feel restless and radical around actually taking a stand to such atrocities that are happening to children, families, and our earth mother. Nine years ago when the North Node was in the opposite sign of Capricorn we were in a very different place individually and as a country, and now we may be ready to tear down those Capricornian structures in government because they aren't actually working for us.

This eclipse is also being sextiled by the asteroid Vesta, how we are centered in our beliefs and serve our purpose with honor and duty everyday. She is currently conjunct Uranus in Taurus, so there is a deep sense of radical shift in the air to fight for what we believe in this potent New Moon Solar Eclipse. However, it's also being squared by Chiron in Aries, so while there is potential for opening up old wounds around not being seen, heard, and feeling like your words aren't making a difference in the moment - it will actually have a long term effect that will make a difference. We may just have trouble believing in that because we will not see immediate results. The medicine for this week is to let things happen in their own time.

July 3 Venus enters Cancer. With Mars in the dynamic, firey sign of Leo and Venus is the watery sign of Cancer we are in a rather restless space. We may feel the need for bold statements and actions and impulsiveness this season, while needing time and space to figure out our desires and make them known. Ultimately we will feel impulsive because we just want to do our thing and shine our light, but we may forget those that we leave in our shadow.

July 7 Mercury stations retrograde in Leo. Our progress on projects and conversations will be getting a re-evaluation from now until the rest of the month. For this week and next, Mercury retrograde in the sign of Leo will give us an opportunity to fine tune our throat chakra and self expression work. We will get a chance to look at how bright our light was shining in some areas, while how big it's shadow was cast in others. So now, it's a chance to look at the shadows and parts that we missed, the parts of us that we forgot to shine a light on.

Lunar Blessings,


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