Celestial Current for July 22 - 28th

Welcome to Leo Season

and we finally have some good astro weather

Now, after a rough and tumble lunar eclipse week where we're either in a wave of anxiety or really tired (rather then the solar eclipse on July 2nd having external life situations be presented to us) we are finally ready for some good energy.

Monday July 22nd Sun Enters Leo is a fresh start as the sun is ready for it's dominion in Leo. We feel revived as (at least here on the east coast) we have a little less brutal heat. I like to think that Cancer was getting crabby as the sun is beginning to leave them for some spicy Leo energy, hence the humidity and heatwave. This season calls for audacity, spunk, but really integrating the lessons of the seasons that have preceded it so far. Leo is the first time we encounter an element again, which means we've completed our journey of embodying the fire, earth, air, and water.

Leo is the opportunity to attain individuality and self-consciousness. When we are truly practicing self-consciousness we are in tune with our authenticity, purpose, and living a self-directed life which is a result of mental perception and integration. Leo's energy of the soul is enables us to enhance our creativity and instills a genuine pride of accomplishment. Gaining agency and acquiring the courage to act on our convictions. We learn by taking action in Leo rather than listening to teachings. We respond rather then react. We assume our sovereignty and our right to be here and determine our destiny. This sign allows us to think for ourselves rather then remain a zombie to the collective opinion.

Wednesday July 24 Last quarter moon in 1° Taurus, Mercury conjunct Venus this is a really great day for creating art or writing, or finally saying “I love you” to someone you really care about and spent some time with. On a deep level, you are able to see the patterns running through your perceptions and experience that help tie everything together so that you can understand your life as a whole.

Thursday July 25 Mars trine Jupiter lots of energy today to have fun, and do something physical. But, if you’re not someone who is physical, stretch your mind muscles and use this time to bring about a growth of consciousness and knowledge. A good day to get shit done!

What a great little week we got! Be playful, be open, explore, create, talk to your inner child, have a playdate with yourself. After such an intense eclipse season so far, this is a great week for integration and processing your inner and outer transformation so far this summer rather then "shedding what no longer serves you." This is where to healing takes place.

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