Celestial Current for July 29 - Aug 4th

On Sunday July 28th our love language shifted into dynamic and bold energy as Venus ingressed into Leo. Post eclipse season requires our strength to look at what we have available to us now that the weeding of our garden occurred, and learn how to sustain what roots are deep, how to allow room for new growth, and the quality of our soil.

It's very much an integration period for this Leo season. Venus in Leo is energy we can now each draw on to reposition our values with conviction, to stand firm and lean into what feels good... deep...pure. Are you ready for it?

Monday July 29th Sun square Uranus requires we look at the small nudges of discomfort we may feel today. You may feel a little antsy around things not being fully completed or have a sense of unfinished business. But this is because we are putting pressure and expectations around those things that came up for us during the lunar eclipse two weeks ago - we think we should have everything figured out, completed, and worked through now. It feels like a rock is stuck in our shoe today. This could be because we are learning how to sit with change taking hold within us and that's hard work. We are processing out old behavioral patterns and we don't know how to lean into the discomfort.

Be compassionate and understanding with yourself and allow the yourself the possibility of making it a little easier on yourself. Ultimately Sun and Uranus together like this will be uncomfortable because we haven't broken new ground yet for ourself and we want that breakthrough. We can't force it to happen, but it will come through surrendering. Allow yourself a few moments to let your restlessness speak for itself or to express itself, for you may very well uncover a really valuable part of yourself that you were too afraid to share before. While you may feel imposed, limited, or restricted by others today, don’t react for the sake of being spiteful. Breathe, be present with your restrained individuality, and creativity work with it by doing something new and exciting for yourself today.

Wednesday July 31st New Moon in Leo will be happening in close conjunction with Venus and Chiron trining this lunation making for a wide range of healing available to us that is easeful. Allowing us to look at where we've been holding onto old versions of ourselves, and how we can truly celebrate our authentic self. It's not always about releasing, in this case perhaps it's more about forgiving and holding compassion for our past selves so we are less burdened with pain.

Thursday August 1st Mercury stations direct and honestly I will personally miss this retrograde period. I think it was the best companion for eclipse season as it allowed us to go slow and get in the mindset to review and understand where we are coming from in order to move forward intentionally. Uranus is still squaring the Sun during this week's new moon energy so we are bridging the gap between the past and future.

Friday August 2nd Venus square Uranus today can produce some interesting results as patterns of relationships may be brought to the surface and create impatience if you are feeling especially annoyed that things aren't "exciting." Perhaps your partner isn't aware that you need some excitement so today may be a good day to clear the air and be open with what you are placing on high value right now. An open communication around individual values creates a solid structure for your shared relationship goals. In fact, this transit may be a test of the flexibility of your relationship. Not only your ability to compromise, but also to honor and appreciate each other's value systems.

Saturday August 3rd Mars conjunct Juno, sextile Pallas will add a little heat to yesterday's relationship dynamics of Venus and Uranus. This week it seems that our personal planets are getting hit by Uranus demanding change in our lives. You may find this day being the perfect energy for make up sex or doing something physical with your partner to blow off steam. With Pallas in the mix, this is an excellent day to create collaborative goals and shared visions with your partner. If you are stepping into a new path or venture, you will most likely have the support and encouragement of your partner as well.

So, angels it seems that next weekend is a great time to spend some extra time with your loved ones so you can create a meaningful and honest path ahead together.

Below is a spread that may be helpful in the earlier part of this week when the Sun is squaring Uranus and we are still left wondering how to move forward from eclipse season with grace and ease.


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