Post Solar Eclipse :: Celestial Current for July 8 - 14th

Seems that this eclipse hit a lot of people in ways of redefining and fine tuning their purpose, long terms goals in what they want to manifest in their lives, but by actually looking at their value and belief system. What are you ready to commit yourself to now, that is also incredibly sustainable and nourishing for you?

What set of values, belief system, standards, or narratives are you questioning for yourself right now?

What new set of values are you creating as a true foundation for yourself at this point?

As you've grown in the past six months, what are you sensing you want to cultivate for yourself now?

What do you want to release in your life this year?

What do you want to call in that expands your heart and brings pleasure?

The big news this week - Mercury stations retrograde in Leo starting on Sunday the 7th. The last time we had Mercury retrograde was also the last time we were in a water season - Pisces. This time around, and with the recent events of your life that the eclipse opened or ended, what tools do you have at your disposal to redefine your movements and communication with purpose and intent?

Mercury retrograde in Leo reminds us that we are co-creating our life with the universe, so where are the ways in which we are forgetting this? The problem is that so many people have been taught to fear a transit like this, but really it's always an opportunity to make our lives better. Let's stop blaming our bad choices and problems on Mercury retrograde.

If we looked at what Mercury retrograde in Leo during Cancer season looks like through the lens of the tarot we've have Magician (Mercury) + Strength (Leo) + The Chariot (Cancer) = sounds pretty badass to me.

Monday July 8th Venus sextile Uranus, Mercury conjunct Mars, Chiron retrograde in Aries is pleasant electricity. Today is an exciting break from daily routine and you'll find yourself wanting to take the scenic route to work. You will not want to be around boring people, and you'll probably easily find some drama that you can perhaps watch from a distance and not be involved in personally. However, if you are looking for something stable today and your find yourself around people who are not receptive to your thoughts, or controlling the results of your day, you’re likely to feel irritable and may find yourself identifying your ego with everything and not being present with your emotions today. Your emotions are not facts and don’t go building narratives around them before you even try to sit with your feelings and understand them and acknowledge them. Remain in integrity today and try not to react, pause and then r e s p o n d. With Chiron stationing retrograde later in the evening, we'll be experiencing heavy gravity and even possible headaches (Mars and Aries rules the head) if you have a strong natal Chiron.

Tuesday 9th we have the first quarter moon in 16° Libra, and the Sun opposite Saturn. Today we may find ourselves easily projecting our limitations and internalized guilt onto others and become judgmental, or vice versa. When you are shining, doing your best and just being you, those that we leave in our shadow may feel heavily defeated or affected by our successes, therefore we can easily feel our best or worse today if we choose not to be present with our triggers. Try to find a balance between your needs and obligations (or should I say responsibilities), because if we are only doing what we are told or check off a list of our duties, we feel restless and empty, not honoring our needs and self expression. Find something rewarding that requires concentration but feels good. Energy levels might actually be low today. Monday and Tuesday are good "resting" days to try not to exert yourself too much if you're able to.

Thursday 11th Sun trine Neptune, Mars square Uranus. This feels like a day of connection on the internet to be seen, heard, and validated. Someone may request your help, or called upon to work for others perhaps with no external reward other then just helping someone out. So be gentle and acknowledge your boundaries for today with sun trine Neptune because you may be giving a lot of your energy and time to others without checking in with yourself first. Restlessness and impulsiveness, and especially with such planets like Mars and Uranus together, can be a theme for some today. You may be feeling challenged as to whether or not you can be yourself or need to take action to change something so our surroundings (and people) “fit with our lives better.” But really when we take a look around we’ll have an impulse today to change something because there's an impulse that feel like something is stale today. Mars and Uranus are two planets that aren’t spending the time to understand why we want change or why we are bored. So we can easily disregard our responsibilities today just to invoke change but at what cost? With little intention, we may realize later we just moved something around that was working for us perfectly fine. What's important is that we still use today to affect change in our lives, but since Mercury is retrograde please pause first and ask yourself why and what needs a change. Just make sure you feel really good about it! Others may encounter new challenges that require new solutions. A day of creative problem solving.

Sunday 14th Sun opposite Pluto will be an intense day for most. Today is an opportunity to get deep and intense around what we have been choosing to ignore, for we may easily be able to witness, hold space for, and finally shine a light on that shadow. Airing our grievances is super important today, and others may face one side of this combination which is power struggles. Ultimately, this can be a super creative and fertile time to create positive change in your life based off this cleared air and fundamental insights.  

So take care bb's and remember, you are already doing g r e a t things!

Lunar Blessings,


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