Celestial Current for Aug 12 - 18th

If you don't know what movie is this is from you most likely have Pluto in Sagittarius or Capricorn

Uranus goes retrograde! Jupiter goes direct! Mercury enters Leo again!

Sunday, August 11th is an interesting day already and I've only been awake for a few hours. In my last post I mentioned Jupiter retrograde, but this week I want to shed some light on Uranus retrograde and what it's cycles entail, and what to expect.

Uranus is a planet of sudden change, and challenge to our safety nets, where we are disengaged to our security. Much like the Tower card in the tarot (below is the Tower from the Wildwood Tarot by John Matthews and Mark Ryan) we get checked with a sudden shift that forces us out of our comfort zone. Usually it's because we've had blinders on and were coasting through life, not really being present with our intentions, or even being so stuck on seeing things a certain way. Now we're forced to engage with the world in a new way. And that's hard for most of us.

But, Uranus really is a breath of fresh air to be quite honest. What has worked for so long now may not fit in with the way things are now. With the person we have evolved into. With the way the world is now. We are now learning to work within the new space of separation from what was once of personal value to us. I've always found it so interesting that such a shakable, rebellious planets rules over a fixed sign (Aquarius).

Uranus spends around 7 years in a sign, and so through the retrograde cycles within those 7 years we are learning to work with and integrate our life according to the evolved perspectives we shift into and how that may match our external world. How do we hold space for this new way of being?

This year Uranus stations retrograde on August 11, 2019 at 6° Taurus and it lasts until January 10, 2020, stationing at 2° Taurus. It happens every year, and if you aren't looking at astrology everyday, you most likely never noticed it. However, this retrograde makes us a deeper, more self aware person. Through these 155 days we internally revolutionize (albeit subtly and over time) against systems and external experiences that no longer support our changing self. Uranus retrograde isn't abrupt and surprising like a direct transit is, it allows us space to intentionally begin to recognize our shift in perspective and take action to match our external life, as well as old methods and systems, with new holistic models that are in alignment with who we are now. You'll see where you've been arrogant and fixed in your thinking, and where your imperfections lie. It's a long term revolutionary process that's paving the way for you to create space for more alignment in your life.

It could be really interesting to see how this might play out on the world stage with the government. I believe that it could help us individually step up in collective action and no longer passively sit by or be silent as well. It's less reactionary, more deliberate and intentional.

Don't get me wrong, Uranus retrograde will most likely not be all peaches and cream. When we realize that we are still measuring ourselves by old standards or trying to fit our lives into an outdated model of life, that's not an easy thing to realize. Sometimes we have to sit with the fact that we've been disillusioned for so long, and it may even seem so daunting to try and "fix it" right now. We're going to learn how to work with this through this passage. It's not going to be easy, but it will mature us and wake us up.

It doesn't mean that our life is invalid, that all our years of hard work are for nothing. We are learning to loosen those tightly wound knots in our psyche in order to learn to experiment and innovate. We'll be learning how to open our mind to creative problem solving, possibility, and most importantly, learning how to ground them into reality so they aren't just a thought that dies.


But, luckily I made a spread for you and I think it would be really cool to come back to this after Uranus stations direct and crosses the shadow period when it finally moves to 7° Taurus (May 2020).

1. Where in my life have I been operating in a safety net that now may not serve me?
2. What aspect of my inner self is transforming?
3. Even if I am having trouble trusting my own beliefs and preconceived judgements about my life, what can anchor me in this shift that is clear to me?
4 - 6. How can I gradually assimilate new ideals in my life that align with my new perspective and higher self?

Wednesday August 14th Sun conjunct Venus is a really great day for getting in touch with our values and relationships, but mostly we're enjoying being seen and socializing. Enjoy the little things, enjoy the big things. Take a break and enjoy the presence of the moment. This is a blessing of a day, where we can feel the joy in the ephemeral and take stock of what in our lives we feel really good about, that supports us, that nourishes us.

Thursday August 15th Full Moon in Aquarius is happening this week and we can look to see what we were illuminated to yesterday and actually really honor it. Full moons really bring up our subconscious, emotional baggage to the surface, so leave space to be with that. Look to see where 22° Aquarius falls in your chart to see what waters you will be navigating this week. Our friendships, the communities we are in, validation from others, how we "fit in."

Friday August 16th Mercury square Uranus is a mentally stimulating day where we are open to abstract ideas and concepts. However, it’s possible that you’ll have so many thoughts that you’ll forget them before you have a chance to write them down. Take a breath before pressing send, before reacting to a comment, before you post something that's not intentional, and check your spelling. We’ll all be having a fast paced, scattered mind today so keep that in mind when dealing with others too. Take your time and try not to act as fast as your mind is racing. Practicing patience and presence today is needing (especially when driving!).

And that's it for this week!

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