Celestial Current for Aug 19 - 25th

This week we have Mars, Venus, and the Sun entering the sign of Virgo, where we enter our personal Hermit seasons (Virgo traditionally rules the Hermit card in the tarot), and this of course does not mean we are meant to be alone or seek solitude. Rather, we are meant to hone in on developing and perfecting ourselves. Many of us go back to school during this time of year, building upon and deepening our knowledge base in order to be "useful" to ourselves and the world.

Aug 19 Juno conjunct Venus in Leo sextiling Pallas Athene in Libra
The combination of Juno and Venus emphasizes shared values around romance and aesthetic qualities in relationships. If we live with our partner we might be looking at re-arranging the house, redecorating the shared environment to fit the evolving people you are now as opposed to 5 years ago. What's beautiful about the sextile to Pallas in Libra is that there is an urge to create something harmonious, that reflects both you as individuals and as a unit. Today's transit brings a capacity to work together (and this includes business partners!) to produce creative accomplishments. If things get a little annoying (ahem, like putting together Ikea furniture), just remember to acknowledge each other's creative process and try to find the appreciation for them seeing something you missed, and vice versa. Incorporating each other's contributions while still being true to your own likes and desires will most likely be a fluid process today.

Aug 21 Mercury in Leo trine Jupiter in Sagittarius
Really great day for planning travel plans, signing contracts, business. Mercury and Jupiter work together through expanding the mind to see all the possibilities in a situation, third eye chakra work. So if you need to work stuff out for the future, you might want to sit down and work on it today. Overall, this transit tends to sharpen our minds, with a flavor of optimism.

Aug 22 Venus enters Virgo, Sun in Leo sextile Pallas in Libra
Venus is ready to move on to refining her desires, needs, and creative power in the sign on Virgo. You may have been much more flirtatious, open, or experimental with your pleasure this past month, but this shift in energy allows us to refine and hone down on looking at where we found the most pleasure in our experimentations this past month. We may become a little more selective and less playful, because we are on a path to refining our values in accordance to being in alignment with the person we are now, not last year.

We're all stepping into our inner Athena today, as our creative genius shines bright. This week seems like really make our business and work efforts light up and today is another great transit for strength of character, creating something useful to society, as well as a deep integration of our creative inspirations and life purpose.

Aug 23 Sun in Leo conjunct Juno in Leo
Today the major theme is our ability to relate to others, but because these two are conjunct at 29° there's a tension here creating potential conflicts between a need for individuality and focusing on your needs, and the needs of the relationship. Our personal expression might feel stifled, and you may find that you will have to get past jealousy, resentment, mistrust, or power struggles in order to move forward together in a healthy way. Either one of you is fighting for being heard and seen and placing yourself first, or you both are. Transforming these ego needs into a healthy relationship will reside in finding a reciprocal, mutual, and honest support and acknowledgement system.

Aug 24 First Day of Virgo Season, Venus conjunct Mars in Virgo
A sexy day, as we’ll all want to merge with another. If there is no outlet for releasing this energy, then the frustration may cause a disagreement with your partner. But in a greater sense it arouses all creative energy, so make some art or beautify your surroundings. When Venus and Mars come together a spark of energy is released and most of us will be infused with more energy "that needs to be released" somehow. The body is highly charged so you may want to find an outlet to physically release. Either way, it's a rather fun loving day so enjoy it bb's!

Aug 25 Venus conjunct Mars in Virgo squaring Ceres in Sagittarius
Venus and Mars still being their sexy selves however, we find that our self worth enters the mix. Today we may find ourselves tugging back and forth between our pleasurable desires and our need to take care of ourselves and rest instead. It's honestly a day where we might need to say no and honor our boundaries, and turn our desire inward. On the other hand, we could potentially feel that our partners aren't available to our own needs, which may make us feel incompetent, or undesirable. Self-image may play a big part in our inner projections today. Don't let it pull you down into a well of rejection, as this will only last today and you may wake up feeling differently tomorrow. Squares create tension, however they also make room for creative problem solving. So even if today feels tough, take some time to do some work around self worth and self image shadows that come up in order to holistically heal.


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