Celestial Current for August 26th - September 1

Welcome to Virgo Season angels! To me, Virgo season is much different then just your average back-to-school time of year. It's when we come home to the self. Can you apply that concept to pretty much every sign? Perhaps, depends on who you ask. And if you ask me, I believe that Virgo's space allows the integrated personality to develop - this sounds like a homecoming to me.

I believe that the myth of Virgo dates much further back in time, before patriarchal tides changed the stories and that which so few of us remember today. It is a story that has been carried in our bones and is ready to be heard.

Virgo is often depicted as a maiden of the harvest, carefully collecting grain and then serving it to her community. This image is much more ancient than Hellenistic myth, it is indeed the image of the Earth Mother, the Harvest Goddess who serves and cares for all. In Hellenistic myth (where we get the names of the planets/signs in Western Astrology) Demeter is the Grain Mother, whom no doubt held much more reverence among mortals as the giver of life and food - Earth herself - before the patriarchal Olympians made her of slightly less importance then Zeus for example. Her daughter Persephone is the Grain Maiden, and with whom our story begins.

Most of us are familiar with the story of Persephone’s abduction by Hades, however a much earlier version found in Homer’s Hymn to Demeter the story’s arc is much different. Instead of being taken by Hades unwillingly, Persephone hears the cries of the dead and asks her mother what is happening. Demeter tells her that she cares for the living but also holds dominon over the Underworld, for the soil and roots feed the living and earth above. However, she has no little time to care for the lost souls so they wander. Persephone feels compassion and willingly volunteers herself to care and serve the dead, to harbor souls into the safety of the Underworld. Demeter does not wish to depart from her, and doesn’t wish that job on anyone. She begged her not to go, and Persephone embraced her with love, yet her response was unchanged. She must do this. Demeter gave in, and said “Very well,
you are loving and giving and we cannot give only to ourselves. I understand why you must go.”

Demeter led her daughter to the cleft in the earth that was the entrance to the Underworld, and Persephone bravely descended with torch and pomegranate in hand to feed and initiate the dead. Persephone gathered three poppies and three sheaves of wheat. Then Demeter led her to a long, deep chasm and produced a torch for her to carry. She stood and watched her daughter go down further and further into the cleft in the earth.

In the crook of her arm Persephone held her mother’s grain close to her breast, while her other arm held the torch aloft. She was startled at the chill as she descended, but she was not afraid. Deeper and deeper into the darkness she continued, picking her way slowly along the rocky path. For many hours she was surrounded only by silence. Gradually she became aware of a low moaning sound. It grew in intensity until she rounded a corner and entered an enormous cavern, where thousands of spirits of the dead milled about aimlessly, hugging themselves, shaking their heads, and moaning in despair. 

Persephone moved through the forms to a large, flat rock and ascended. She produced a stand for her torch, a vase for Demeter’s grain, and a large shallow bowl piled with pomegranate seeds, the food of the dead. As she stood before them, her aura increased in brightness and in warmth. 

“I am Persephone and I have come to be your Queen. Each of you has left your earthly body and now resides in the realm of the dead. If you come to me I will initiate you into your new world.”

She beckoned those nearest to step up onto the rock and enter her aura. As each spirit crossed before her, Persephone embraced the form and then stepped back and gazed into the eyes. She reached for a few of the pomegranate seeds, squeezing them between her fingers. She painted the forehead with a broad swatch of the red juice and slowly pronounced, “You have waxed into the fullness of life and waned into darkness; may you be renewed in tranquility and wisdom.”

For months Persephone received and renewed the dead without ever resting or even growing weary.

This story is retold by Charlene Spretnak in her book Lost Goddesses of Early Greece.

By looking at Mercury, the ruler of both Gemini (air, yang) and Virgo (earth, yin) we can look at the difference in how Mercury acts when in the outward-focused element of air, and when in the inward-focused element of earth.

Mercury when functioning as the ruler of Gemini is horizontally focused, as Hermes the trickster might like to be in more than one place at a time. In Virgo, Mercury acts slightly more emotionally attuned and Hermes functions in his vertical role as a psychopomp, one who leads souls to the entrance of the Underworld, and who can also ascend back up into the light of the mortal, material plane, and even higher into the heavens of Mount Olympus.

Virgo not only tends to the personal garden of life and nourishes it, it also "releases the hidden soul of all things." It's the sign that unifies two opposites - body and soul - so that they serve each other. An integrated personality results.

Yes, this sign is traditionally connected to judgement, analyzation, perfection...but discernment for the sake of serving the soul, the greater good. Much like Marie Kondo, "does it spark joy?" when we are decluttering and clearing space for simplicity and a well functioning life.

Monday, Aug 26th - Venus trine Uranus, Mars square Ceres
A really great day for doing something different if you feel bored by your daily routine. You desire the unusual, a change of pace, a refreshment that is revitalizing. You might find yourself rearranging a room in your house to be more pleasing, looking to find a new tv show that's always been on your list, listen to a completely different podcast or music genre you haven't yet explored.

With Mars squaring Ceres in the signs of Virgo and Sagittarius we may feel slightly irritated because our inaction (or even assertiveness) around our sense of worth isn't being seen, heard, or acted upon. Slipping into protection mode around someone who isn't looking out for your best interest, we might feel like we our autonomy is being blocked. Don't let others make you feel inadequate, powerless, or incompetent, resist the urge to believe those negative thought patterns. Encourage quiet confidence and belief in your own set of valuable structures.

Tuesday, Aug 27th - Chiron trine Ceres
Today we will find the nourishment to heal old wounds of self worth and individuality, being seen and heard, and having the space for personal integration.

Wednesday, Aug 28th - Mars trine Uranus
A day of courage and breaking free from small limitations and inhibitions. Gaining new freedom from little duties and obligations that have prevented you from doing what you want. It's a day of breaking down little annoying barriers.

Thursday, Aug 29th - Sun trine Uranus, Mercury enters Virgo
A heightened perception of the world will help you to make changes with a complete understanding of the connectedness of your life. Very aware of who you are, nothing about today is hidden. Makes a good day for studying a new skill or discipline that is stimulating and reveals the universe to you (like astrology!).  With Mercury entering it's home domain, we'll be getting ready to now shift into practical details of our creative plans that we conceptualized in Leo season.

Friday, Aug 30th - New Moon in 6° Virgo
This new moon is still blessed with the trine from Uranus, being stimulating and energetic and is a Super moon, being very close to the earth and our psyches as well. See what house 6° Virgo falls in your chart to understand where the new moon is opening up change in your life.

Saturday, Aug 31st - Mercury conjunct Juno
A great day to communicate to our partners our needs and desires as well as have pleasant conversations. It may not be deep conversations, but you'll be able to be on the same clear page on your daily communications which can contribute to your shared intimacy.

Sunday, Sept 1 - Sun conjunct Mars, Mercury square Ceres
Start a new project today, specifically one where you are solely in charge of and not working on a team. It's also not necessarily a day to sit quietly at your desk either, since mental work isn't about today. Mars requires a physical outlet, so move around today and don't waste the physical energy that today might bring in. Identifying highly with what you are doing today is important to feed that sun, to be recognized for your actions. It might be an illuminating day for discerning the parts of your life that feel good and are working well in your favor from those that require energy and work.

If you find yourself frustrated with validation for your efforts not being appreciated, you may get a little annoyed. With Mercury squaring Ceres we might have a hard time communicating to others what our needs are today, therefore creating frustration. If you expect someone to be able to automatically anticipate your needs and read your mind, just breathe and remind yourself how unfair that is to yourself and that person. It's just a day to be reminded how important it is to continue fine tuning our ability to clearly articulate our needs and actively listen to others.


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