Celestial Current for Sept 2 - Sept 8

Soooo much Neptune energy is happening throughout the month as the personal planets will be making oppositions to this watery planet! What does it mean? Let's find out!

Neptune transits are exactly what one might expect when you dive under a wave while surfing. The sunlight is filtered through the water and you experience the illusionary depths. Your senses are momentarily suspended. We tend to be submerged in alternative realities, like the surfer, who ducks under the wave and crests back out onto the surface of the water where the "real world" is, where the Sun brings illumination and clarity. It's liminal, and it's transits pull us into this fantasy realm while we're still trying to remain grounded in the real world.

Robert Hand writes about Neptune transits, "Everything that man dreams of making come true as well as everything that man thinks is true, even though it isn't, comes under the influence of Neptune." (Planets in Transit: Life Cycles for Living, pg 425).

He goes on to state that Neptune dissolves whatever Saturn builds, such as your ego, your sense of duty and responsibility, and everything about your life that is definite, clear, predictable (Hand, 425). Because of this, Neptune transits can be rather confusing, full of doubt, and unclear. Like your head is submerged underwater while the rest of your body is very much above water. So, as Neptune slowly transits a house in your natal chart, pay attention to how your perception around the affairs ruled by that house shift. We can get the wool pulled over our eyes so to speak, bypass responsibility, or feel a spiritual responsibility (from ego-dissolving that Neptune also loves to do) to perform acts of selflessness without even thinking of how you will feed yourself that week. Hand continues with a subtler connection by that matters of the house that Neptune transits may dissolve and pass out of existence in the subtlest, most imperceptible manner. 

When Neptune talks to other planets (aspects) it will slightly confuse, inflate the ideals of the other planet, dissolve it, or emphasize escapism. Planets of the ego drives (Sun, Mars, Saturn) may produce more fear, insecurity, and anxiety when in conjunction, opposition, or square to Neptune. As the higher octave of Venus (values), Neptune (ideals) will blend a little more easier together, however there can be too much of a good thing.

So, September being under influence of Neptune more so then some other planets this month it may not be a good time to create permanent commitments, but rather build a structure that supports flexibility and room for growth in your life (after all, Virgo is a mutable sign). This is because Neptune doesn't have all the facts. You make be right about certain beliefs and feelings, but the truth will be revealed after the Neptune transits are over. 

What do Neptune transits support? Remember that filtered light effect of being underwater? Well, Neptune rules photography, film, ambient music, poetry, and of course, developing a spiritual practice that includes offerings (giving/receiving) and volunteering.

Tuesday, September 2: Sun conjunct Mars 
Great day for starting a new project, as you may have lots of energy today. Most people who have off (Labor Day in the US) will want to relax but if you feel restless use your physical energy to do something you love and identify with. Generally speaking, this transit allows for the constructive purpose of figuring out whether you are satisfied with your life situation and how you feel about yourself and the path your are on. 

Thursday, September 4: Sun conjunct Mercury (Cazimi) + Venus opposite Neptune
Today Mercury is "in the heart of" the Sun and also combust. More conversations with people, more paperwork (and emails), exchange that needs some heavy duty mental concentration. However, if you are like me and have Mercury in detriment you might have a headache today! (Mercury in Sagittarius and Pisces are considered detriment/fall). However, I consider this transit to be a beautiful invitation to speak (Mercury) from the heart and share our personal experience (Sun) with others who might find it to be healing. 

On the other hand, Venus opposite Neptune may bring up unrealistic relationship expectations and have us projecting onto our partners. The difficult part about this transit may bring up the fact that we may be unwilling to accept reality as it is, and so we may find ourselves sinking into daydreams and illusions of lovers that are "perfect" and romantic. We realize that we may have been pretending that a specific person fits that image, is it because we are disappointed when we are faced with the fact that they never do the dishes? Or is it because we may be holding onto unrealistic ideals of what is included in a real relationship, like the good and the bad. On the other hand this transit stimulates the creative imagination as long as one is able to keep the imagination part of your expansive work and separate from real world responsibilities. 

Saturday, September 7: Venus trine Pluto + Mercury opposite Neptune
Intense love, strong emotions, and sexual stimulation is heighten when Venus and Pluto are making a good connection today. This day may highlight certain psychological insights that reveal the inner workings and patterns of your relationships as well as what you tend to attract in your life that may offer regeneration (or is destructive). This is ultimately a great thing, not scary! Work on art or creative efforts today as they will most likely some of the intense, profound, and deepest creations you might produce most of the year.

Mercury opposite Neptune is a short transit that will create a little confusion today like a head underwater. We may feel a little unclear and foggy and if you are feeling like you are misunderstood take a deep breath and return to your body. Your mind is not in it today and you will have little access to it, but the Venus and Pluto aspect of today will make you have easy access to the physical body instead. The body might be the best sense of alignment available to you today.

Sunday, September 8: Sun square Jupiter
We got some energy again! Which may leave us blind to taking on too much and getting ourselves into burnout. That's because this transit rewards us with confidence and positive thinking (again, being blind to over extending ourselves). 


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